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A typical question we get here at Metallic Nails is, “Does your item work much better with acrylic nails or gel nails? Often we even get the concern, what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails? Below is a quick post explaining the difference. Both work well with the Trendy Nails Unlimited products. However, the application method may alter a little.

Acrylic Nails Essential

Acrylic nails are the more common, more popular choice at the moment. (We composed a little post on choosing the proper mixture for acrylic nails here.) Since they have been around longer and are better understood, one of the factor acrylic nails is more typical is. Acrylics can be used over a whole nail or just a portion to produce a ‘suggestion’ result. A mix of acrylic liquid and powder is applied to the nail to create any shape; it then hardens on its own in a matter of minutes.

Gel Nail Fundamentals

There are two types of gel nails. One that requires to be treated under ultra-violet light typically knows as a light-cured and ones that cure by themselves without a UV light referred to as no-light gels. The most popular kind at the moment is the light-cured gel, even though they have the downside of needing to wait under a UV light (and needing to purchase a light in the first place). No-gel easy work with a gel activator to treat. This is brushed or sprayed onto the nail. Some are managed by dipping into plain water.

Which is better?

The arise from the gel, and acrylic nails are similar. They can shorten, lengthen, alter the look, and reinforce your fingers by offering the perception they are longer and slimmer. As far as the surface, you can use Trendy Nail Covers from Metallic Nails to both. The gel may produce a more glossy surface, while acrylic will produce a slightly matte surface. You cal likewise do French tips, airbrush, or create various kinds of polish finishes to both. Have a look through our styles to see some of the surfaces.

There are some distinctions in between the two, we discuss them below:

Acrylic Nail Pros

If broken, Acrylic nails are much easier to fix. Home repairs are quite easy, but this ought to be less of a problem if using Trendy Nail Covers as they protect from breaks.
If done by an expert, removing acrylic nails is easy. Soaking then submitting will offer a tidy outcome.
If used properly and with appropriate care, they are extremely strong. They can last a long time. We have actually seen applications with Metallic Nails lasting over six weeks!

Gel Nail Pros

Gel nails tend to have a glossier finish and look more natural than other types.
The curing/drying time for gel nails is faster if used with a light, as quick as 2 minutes
Gel nails do not produce a smell
There are less filing and shaping needed during the application

Acrylic Nail Cons

They can harm your real nails (see mix post).
The result can be less natural-looking.
In some cases, they can be difficult to grow out of.

Gel Nail Cons.

They are less long-lasting and do not last as long as acrylic, despite the fact that they last longer.
Gel nails are more difficult to do at home.
If they break, they are much more challenging to fix. Gel nails tend to shatter over a tidy break that makes it almost difficult to repair at home. Again, this should not happen as often if utilizing Metallic Nails products.
Gel nails are more difficult to get rid of. They usually need to be filed entirely off.

When selecting a synthetic nail, Above are simply a few things to consider. There are many variables when it concerns these two choices for brand-new elegant nails that its best to talk to your trusted nail technician for the very best results. It actually depends on the look you are going for.

A common concern we get here at Metallic Nails is, “Does your item work much better with acrylic nails or gel nails? Sometimes we even get the interest, what is the distinction between gel and acrylic nails? One of the factor acrylic nails is more typical is because they have been around longer and are better understood. The results from gel and acrylic nails are similar. There are so many variables when it comes to these two alternatives for new stylish nails that its best to consult with your relied on nail technician for the most beautiful results.


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